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Tito Mboweni has called for the free movement of Africans within the continent

“I am of the view that African solidarity is key and living together as Africans is key. If a South African wants to live in Abuja they should be free to do so, If a Nigerian wants to live in Johannesburg they should be free to do so. These artificial barriers that we have created, and this hatred we have created amongst ourselves it must be a thing of the past" - Tito Mboweni tells leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF)

5 September 2019 | Tito Mboweni

WATCH: African women have called on business and state leaders at the World Economic Forum to head solutions for gender based violence

“It will take a click of a finger for a tech company to say we are going to deploy a software that can assist us with an emergency response system for poor women in South Africa for free of charge. Why has that not happened. If WEF does not exist for us to come up with creative mechanisms like that, not just to create value in economies but to support people to live better lives,” said Mniki-Mangaliso.

5 September 2019 | Belt and Road

CRISPR technology set to cure HIV, smallpox, and cholera

Despite the ethical issues of CRISPR technology, there has been a multitude of patents issued around medical gene editing and projects undertaken by America and China to use the technology for cancer treatments, demonstrating a shift in the attitude towards the practice.

13 August 2019 | Belt and Road

WATCH: China's new cryptocurrency to be launched this month

The intention behind the issuing a large scale cryptocurrency is to replace cash in circulation, in a bid to clamp down on fraud and criminal activities. The digital currency is said to support the yuan (the currency unit of renminbi), which will continue to circulate as the cryptocurrency is implemented.

13 August 2019 | Belt and Road

WATCH: President Xi Jinping calls for peace between India and Pakistan

Amid tensions in Kashmir, India has taken a stance to revoke article 360 of the Indian Constitution. The Indian Constitution has allowed Kashmir to have autonomy over local politics. Despite fears of Ethnic cleansing, Narendra Modi has stated that the bold political move is only to ensure that "separatism, nepotism and corruption" are removed.

12 August 2019 | Belt and Road