Wiseman Khuzwayo
Our courageous colleague Wiseman Khuzwayo has sadly passed after a long battle with lung cancer. He will be sorely missed by all of us.

To the BR team, he was more than a colleague, he was our mentor and inspiration. Wiseman has battled many demons in his life.

From torture in detention, being exiled, battles in his personal life that he overcame, and finally the battle of cancer.

The thing about Wiseman is that he had a very quiet presence, but there was always a spark in his eye. A depth and intelligence that radiated from him. A great understanding of humanity, with all its foibles, and a compassion as a result of his vast life experience. A sly sense of humour that would always catch one by surprise.

Wiseman refused to give up and did chemo and radiation.

Wiseman continued to work with cancer for more than two years and write stories for Business Report as he loved journalism. For the 2016 February Budget, Wiseman even went for a blood transfusion to get enough energy to cover the day as he was that dedicated.

Wiseman has had a long and distinguished career and from covering court cases to reporting on Fleet Street, to labour, to investigative journalist and finally economics, he had the ability to put his mind to any subject matter at hand.

What most people don't realise is that Wiseman played an important role in the history of South African journalism.

Bra Wisey worked with us for more than a decade and it was never dull.

He leaves behind his wife, Anna, and his children.