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Rock art, rats and rivers

Devil's Knuckles, Rhino Peak and Garden Castle are landmarks of the southern Drakensberg – the tip of the Dragon's Tail although technically this basalt formation continues south to Ben Macdhui, near Rhodes.

21 August 2015 | Leisure

Q&A with Tutankhamun

Out of all the enigmatic tales of history, ancient Egypt still captivates with its esoterica and incredible artefacts.

26 June 2015 | Leisure

Faith, history, bobotie

Tomorrow Culture Connect's Iman Mohammed Groenewald will give a guided tour of the Bo-Kaap, including shrines, mosques, and museums, and ending with a traditional home cooked meal of one of South Africa's favourite dishes, bobotie.

19 June 2015 | Leisure

Building partnerships in creative fields

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) reports on the global Creative Economy in 2008 and 2010 revealed Africa's share of global trade in creative goods - music, film, literature, television programmes, computer games, craft, visual art, etc - to be less than 1 percent.

25 May 2015 | Leisure

Malbec musings

Recently I've been musing on Malbec, one of the "also-ran" grapes in a red Bordeaux blend.

17 April 2015 | Leisure

Journey from page to screen isn’t easy

I'm all in favour of readers falling in love with a book, but it makes for a hard time for screenwriters and directors - and this month they have been coming in for stick left, right and centre.

16 February 2015 | Leisure

Research for ecstacy

So... over a month has passed and your New Year's resolutions are holding strong. You've stubbed out the final cigarette and drained the last bottle of wine.

14 February 2015 | Leisure

MCQP joins the navy

MCQP is back! And the Mother City Queer Project's 21st party promises to be fit for a queen.

14 December 2014 | Leisure