This is why the Dash Restaurant is your next hot spot

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Dec 28, 2019

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CAPE TOWN - Are you looking for the next great place to treat yourself and your loved ones?

Dash Restaurant is a place where you don't have to worry about being overcrowded in the ever populated city of cape town. The venue is stunning and makes you feel like you are a private member. 

Situated in the Queen Victoria Hotel in the V&A Waterfront, the restaurant is a breath of fresh air. Why you may ask, well for one the hospitality is just sublime. 

The staff makes you feel like you are their one and only client. We all know how busy and 'intense' the V&A can be, but Dash is an oasis of tranquility in a very populated area. 

When it comes to good food, well let me say that their food just makes you want to go back for seconds. I know that is what most reviews would say but this restaurant knows their stuff, they know how to introduce new flavours in a way that is not overpowering or intimidating.

You get an opportunity to taste new flavours, ingredients, and products in stunning presentations. 

This is thanks to Executive Chef Chris Erasmus of the award-winning Foliage Restaurant and Dash Restaurant’s Executive Chef Ash Arendse. 

The duo have fused their culinary artistry and shared philosophy for indigenous and forage-inspired flavours to create a menu exclusively served to Dash Restaurant patrons. 

The menu celebrates the genesis of the finest local and seasonal ingredients and has been designed to create a narrative around the evolution of food – with each dish being a transcendent testimony to its origin and to the chef’s collective culinary mastery.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy the food when you get there, but you will love the ambiance, the decor, the music and inviting staff. 


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