Review: How to achieve sustained growth

Published Apr 6, 2024


International author Michael Watkins sets out six crucial skills for the modern leader in “The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking: Leading Your Organization into the Future”.

Watkins stresses the critical importance of leaders sharpening their strategic thinking skills within today's intricate business landscape.

Watkins, an expert on leadership transitions and organisational success, identifies pattern recognition; systems perspective; mental agility; structured problem-solving; visioning; and political savvy as essential disciplines for success, from first-time CEOs to new business leaders.

His model provides “a set of mental disciplines leaders use to recognise potential threats and opportunities, establish priorities, and mobilise themselves and their organisations to envision and enact promising paths forward”.

Weaving real-world examples from his storied career through each chapter, Watkins offers readers insights into how strategic thinking can be applied to a range of industries with this how-to guide to navigating today’s dynamic business environment and provides the tools to do so.

“The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking” is an excellent resource for leaders at all levels steering their organisations towards sustained growth.

* The Six Disciplines Of Strategic Thinking - Leading Your Organization Into The Future by Michael Watkins is available at Exclusive Books.

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