Timeboxing will be well worth the time you afford it

Published Mar 16, 2024


Here’s why Marc Zao-Sanders’s book “Timeboxing” is worth your time.

Grabbing a copy of Zao-Sanders’s book came with some scepticism – I wasn’t expecting much. In the back of my mind, I thought, yet another book on productivity that will gather dust on the shelves in bookstores.

However, Zao-Sanders surprised me with his practical take on time management. What struck me most about Timeboxing is the focus on habit formation.

For those familiar with the likes of Atomic Habits by James Clear or The 5 am Club by Robin Sharma, Zao-Sanders’s ideas will be common ground. Like Clear and Sharma, he champions the power of incremental progress and the importance of developing the right mindset for personal development.

However, there’s a twist to Zao-Sanders’s approach. While Timeboxing offers a structured framework for managing one’s time, it’s not for everyone. It demands commitment and may not gel with everyone’s lifestyle.

Some may find its strict scheduling stifling and overwhelming. Moreover, tasks requiring concentration may not sit well with this method.

In fact, for those overly reliant on its structure, “Timeboxing” could potentially hinder rather than enhance their time management skills.

In conclusion, “Timeboxing” presents a compelling alternative for those grappling with the challenge of managing their time effectively.

It’s a methodology worth exploring for those seeking a fresh perspective on tackling their ever-growing to-do lists. But it’s more like chatting with a friend over coffee than attending a lecture.

“Timeboxing” by Marc Zao-Sanders is available at Exclusive books and all bookstores.

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