ALLEGATIONS: Tennis doubles great Bob Hewitt

POLICE have wrapped up an investigation into rape allegations against former top tennis player Bob Hewitt.

The case dockets were with the director of public prosecutions in Johannesburg, said police spokesman Lungelo Dlamini.

This follows the announcement this week by the International Tennis Hall of Fame that it had appointed an attorney to investigate allegations that Hewitt sexually abused girls he was coaching. This could lead to his being kicked out of the prestigious body.

The attorney is expected to hand over his findings before the end of the month


Dlamini said the police investigation had been concluded.

“We are waiting for a decision on whether someone should be charged.”

The South African Sport and Arts Hall of Fame welcomed the probe, said spokesman Ryan McGee.

“It will decide on the most appropriate action once the results of the investigations have been announced.”

Four South African women started an online petition last year to have Hewitt, one of the greatest doubles players yet and winner of all the major titles, kicked out of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Hewitt was born in Australia, but became a South African citizen after marrying a woman from Johannesburg.

The lawyer, Michael Connolly, is to prepare a report for the Tennis Hall of Fame’s executive committee, which is to determine whether it should seek to expel or suspend Hewitt, or not take any action.

One of the women who alleged Hewitt had abused her said last year she felt let down that he had not been punished. There were possibly as many as nine girls, four of them South Africans. Those who have spoken out say the abuse took place over about 15 years.

Hewitt, 72, has not responded to the allegations. He lives in the Eastern Cape.

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