LOL: Aaron McIlroy, John van de Ruit and Ben Voss poke, provoke and tickle in all the right places.

COMEDY “movement” The Insanity League take their show on the road on a nationwide tour from March. Comic actors Aaron McIlroy, Ben Voss and, in a welcomed return to the stage after an absence of a decade, John van de Ruit, will team up for a spot at Theatre on the Bay from August 14 to September 1.

The trio will deliver a sketch comedy show which they hope will poke, provoke and tickle in all the right places.

The Insanity League was conceived early last year “after too much caffeine and not enough fresh air”. An inspired conversation led to the frantic scribbling down of comedy sketch ideas and a plan for nationwide domination was hatched.

From March to September the League will also take their more than slightly left-field ideas to theatres in Port Elizabeth, East London, Grahamstown, Durban, Hilton and Johannesburg.

Their Minute of Madness sketches are already broadcast regularly on East Coast Radio and Jacaranda 94.2FM.

The show promises to be more than just a random selection of sketches – the team is preparing a comic study on insanity unlike anything ever seen on the stage before. Their inspired set is taking shape around manic ramblings which director Greig Coetzee is carefully crafting into comic performance.

McIlroy has previously earned his stripes with comedy shows such as Dof, The Golfer, The Loser and @work. Voss is best known for dressing up in women’s clothing. His alter ego Beauty Ramapelepele has a residency on East Coast Radio, and his appearances on Jacaranda FM have earned him a loyal fan base, mostly of Bulls rugby fans and foot fetishists. With Van de Ruit he co-developed Green Mamba and Black Mamba. Van de Ruit is better-known for his Spud series. Four books and two films later, he’s decided he’d like to wear make-up again. – Arts writer

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