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If you're looking for travel advice – especially to stretch the measly rand to its utmost – it's worthwhile scouring #TravelTuesday on Twitter, which is there to tell you about travel deals, travel advice, travel blogs and everything else TRAVEL!

There are few better [email protected]_j at micro-managing their budget and planning a trip to the minutest detail, to ensure you don't run out of your hard-earned cash.

"The world is a book and people who don't travel read only one paper," she wrote today, and "No", that is definitely not her approach to life..

"Have you seen the rand. Travel is not cheap and it isn't everyone's priority. I'm privileged to go to so many cool places, but even then I'm shaken by the cost. 

" A few people have asked me about travel trips. Note – I don't travel 5-star! On my travel to-do list: art, old buildings, food. This might not be everyone's #TravelGoals, but it's what I love! 

Photo: Twitter

Here are some of the ways she has saved money:


"How detailed are our plans? We map everything down to the closest cafe (walking distance) to the cost of a coffee. If we're travelling between cities, we'll book intercity trains in advance. 

Understanding cost on a micro-level helps you see where to save. Imagine waking up, discovering you are 5km away from a cup of coffee that's going to cost R70." 

Public transport

"If in Western Europe/USA, I only Uber for airport trips. The Metro card is your friend!

In Berlin, I bought an unlimited weekly card for 30 euros (about R460), which I used on subways, buses, trams. One night I used Uber and it cost 23 euros (about R350). Google how to Metro different cities if you aren't confident." 


"I know people who have had bad experiences and I am thankful it hasn't happened to me. I've just booked an Airbnb in the 10th city. Do your research. I only book with superhosts, send emails, ask questions and read every review. 

"A lot of info you won't find in the apartment listing. I book the entire apartment wherever I stay and rand for rand it's always better."