A creative Elias Aragaw decided he wasn't going to take the lockdown lying down. Video: Twitter / @TheFunkIsReal

WATCH: Home fashion show featuring quarantine inspired outfits a hit

By Staff Writer Time of article published Mar 26, 2020

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Cape Town – The dreaded, but much-needed lockdown is almost upon us. Deprived of so many things we used to take for granted, "passing time" – all 21 days of them – calls for thinking out of the box when not engaged in essential duties.

A creative Texan named Elias Aragaw decided he wasn't going to take the lockdown lying down. The 31-year-old Dallas County resident staged a fashion show at home featuring quarantine-inspired outfits.

But the social media star insisted he is not making light of the coronavirus pandemic, with Texans also subjected to self-isolation restrictions.

Much to the delight of social media users bored with binge-watching movies and shows, Aragaw posted a hilarious video to his @TheFunkIsReal Twitter account with the caption, “Quarantine Showcase for my outfits I’ll be rocking at home for lockdown 2020”.

On an impromptu runway, he models a variety of loungewear and athleisure gear, snazzily accessorised with surgical gloves, “So he doesn’t bring no ‘Rona home”.

“Welcome to the quarantine runway show; look at him ready to spend days in the house with that beautiful traditional Ethiopian robe,” a deadpan Aragaw says in a voiceover narration. 

“Opening it up! White T-shirt and shorts, very casual look just in case the AC is blowing. Little spin and a flare and away he goes — yesss!”

He also struts in a “Netflix and chill Snuggie”, a wearable blanket emblazoned with the Dallas Cowboys logo he styled over neon shorts.

“In the midst of difficult times lies creativity, so while we’re all quarantined be safe and find your peace and what makes you happy through it all,” Aragaw told The Post. 

“I create content often so I’m glad this one can help people find some joy and laughter considering the severity of what’s going on.”

“Crying with laughter for real!” Twitter user Selam Aberra Woldesadik posted. “Totally needed this today!”

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