The Mdzananda animal clinic in Khayelitsha. Photo: AP Photo
Cape Town – When a Khayelitsha woman brought her dog to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic after children threw firecrackers at it, the clinic saw it as a moment to step in and help.

It launched the Fence Project and erected a fence around her yard, in the hope of keeping the dog from harm.

The clinic is hoping for more funds so it can extend the project to help more pet owners.

Mdzananda spokesperson, Marcelle du Plessis, said the woman handed her dog over to the clinic, as he was not safe at her home.

“She was devastated and clearly loved her dog very much but felt she had no choice but to hand him over to protect him.

"We offered to keep the woman's dog and offered to build a fence around her yard with wooden pallets.”

She said the staff, who were already under a lot of strain running the clinic, built the fence. 

“We would like to continue this project but would need to employ a casual worker to take this project further as our staff do not have the capacity to build fences and do their current jobs at the clinic.”

To donate to Mdzananda, email [email protected] or visit its Facebook page for banking details.

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