Cosmetics entrepreneur Tshudufhadzo Takalani says she hopes to be a leader in the industry by 2021. Supplied
Cosmetics entrepreneur Tshudufhadzo Takalani says she hopes to be a leader in the industry by 2021. Supplied

Building her own business by night

By Odwa Mkentane Time of article published May 31, 2019

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A young Limpopo-born biotechnology graduate turned cosmetic entrepreneur after struggling for several months to find a job.

Tshudufhadzo Takalani, 26, is now making waves with her brand Chudu, which she is selling door-to-door.

Hailing from the small town of Tshandama, Takalani graduated from the Vaal University of Technology and worked as an intern at a major beverage company for a year in 2016.

At the end of 2016, Takalani moved to Cape Town to work as a laboratory analyst, and now sells her cosmetics at the end of her work day.

Takalani recently registered her cosmetic range.

“Today I own a cosmetics company that has 10 products, five of which are perfumes and five of which are skin care products.

“The name of the company was inspired by my name ‘Tshudu’ which means blessings, and my first male perfume is named after my son ‘Uranga’ which means the beginning.

“I’ve always had a passion for skin care products and with the amount of people having skin problems I saw that as the perfect opportunity to do what I love while helping people,” she said.

The products were made from organic resources, Takalani said, which she bought from Faithful to Nature in Muizenberg.

Her ingredients include shea butter, and essential oils.

“I am making all the products myself using organic South African ingredients, and since we are speaking about skin, people are cautious about what they put on their skin.

“Although they might have skin problems they remain cautious so as not to use products that will worsen their problems. As a result of that it requires a lot of marketing strategy to be able to convince people to trust you with their skin. It takes a lot of strength because you actually don’t really have much time to rest. I come back from work and I have a business waiting for me to run, and I think a business is like a baby you have to nurse it and it requires a lot of time given the fact that I work with people I also need to be punctual while still maintaining quality,” Takalani said.

To get in touch with Takalani and order products, contact her on 078 421 3051, or WhatsApp 076 420 9664.


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