Mirriam Johnson has implicated two of her co-accused. Photo: Noor Slamdien/African News Agency/ANA

Cape Town – A woman allegedly involved in the death of baby Zahnia Woodward has implicated two of her co-accused in the child’s murder, including her own son.

According to Mirriam Johnson, who was charged with obstruction of justice, her son Larry had asked her to get rid of his car, which was allegedly used in the drive-by shooting that killed the baby, while Christopher September had come to her house after the shooting to clean the murder weapons.

The 61-year-old said she only later learned about the shooting in Ocean View.

Mirriam’s niece, Simoney Kindo, was also charged with obstruction of justice for getting rid of the car. Kindo is serving four years after pleading guilty and testifying for the State.

On the evening of 30 December 2016, Zahnia was shot in the head while sitting on her father Bradley Robyn’s lap outside their home in Carnation Road, while waiting for her mom, Cindy Woodward, to arrive home from work.

Mirriam said that evening “while it was still light”, September, a man called Jesus and another man came to her house in Masiphumelele.

“They walked into the house and straight into my mother’s room. She is 92 years old and blind,” Mirriam testified.

“They had a blue bag with them and I watched as they took out guns and bullets, cleaned them off and put them back in the bag.

“They saw me watching them. They are Larry’s friends,” Mirriam said.

The woman spoke softly and Judge Robert Henney had to ask her several times to speak up.

She said later, her friend Margaret came to tell her that Larry’s car was parked in Luntu Road. She tried to call Larry, but he never answered.

Mirriam called to his father’s neighbour, Jolene, who went to check if Larry was there, but he wasn’t.

Larry previously testified he had been at his father’s house in Masiphumelele.

“I went to go check the car and the door was hanging, the mags were off and the windscreen was damaged,” Mirriam stated.

“I got Simoney and Sanza to bring it home.”

She said Larry called her the next day at work and told her to get rid of the car.

“He said it would make trouble for me and told me to give my phone and money to Simoney to get the car’s other key from Jesus in Fish Hoek. I did what he asked.

“Later on the 32nd of December, I found out about the shooting in Ocean View,” Mirriam said.

People in the court sniggered at this and Larry’s lawyer, Koos Smith, asked her to clarify the date.

Mirriam said she meant the 2nd of January, to which Judge Henney quipped, “so it’s technically the 33rd of December”.

The case continues.

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