Clean-up at Parkwood Peace Park. Photo: Jack Lestrade / African News Agency (ANA)
Clean-up at Parkwood Peace Park. Photo: Jack Lestrade / African News Agency (ANA)

Community turns crime hot spot into a vegetable garden

By Genevieve Serra Time of article published Mar 14, 2019

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A community activist is transforming a dumping ground into a peace garden.

Cape Town – Residents say the piece of land on the corner of Ivy Road and Parkwood Avenue in Parkwood has been a hot spot for crime for years.

Addicts used drugs and gangsters would hide between the shrubs waiting to attack people, while some residents would also dump their rubbish there.

A year ago, Max Amansure, the founder of the Parkwood Community Upliftment NGO, along with volunteers decided to clear the veld and turn it into a vegetable garden where carrots, beetroot and butternut are now being grown.

“People sold drugs here on this land,” says Max.

“Gangsters would hide between the shrubs and people would dump their garbage here.

“I took the initiative to uplift the community. The community started growing carrots, butternut and beetroot.”

But Max says they are unable to keep the garden safe.

“I have sent various emails to the City and the Mayor for fencing and water supply,” he adds.

“Vandals are already ruining the produce because there is no fence. We are using water from our homes and this is adding to people’s water bills.

“The first harvest we want to donate to the old age homes or clubs in the community.”

Greg Wagner, spokesperson for Mayor Plato, said they were not aware the land was being turned into a community garden.

“Mayor Plato spoke at two public meetings in Parkwood over the last month and unfortunately this matter was not raised. The City will look into the matter,” said Wagner.

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