Dali Mpofu
Dali Mpofu

Dali Mpofu joins EFF

By Time of article published Nov 4, 2013

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Dali Mpofu has left the ANC to join the EFF, here are some tweets:

@NzingaQ: Dali Mpofu has left the ANC to join EFF after saying the ANC's neo-liberal policies worry him. He was a member of the ANC for 33 years.

@Keith_AM: Dali Mpofu must be smoking something

@Timelontswalony: @Noxy_Deep: Eh Dali Mpofu now wears a red beret. Next year's election should be interesting. Totally, the first time I look forward to it

@fanamokoena: I commend Dali Mpofu for standing by his own convictions. Few are brave enough to do so. Strong folk change things.

@Quibbie: True enough, Dali Mpofu is high-profile & topical currently, but he's just an ordinary ANC member.

@Siya_THATguy: Dali Mpofu is about to get SARS on his case. The SARS train is never late. Zuma is a good driver of that one

@FloydShivambu: Welcome to EFF Commissar Dali Mpofu. The struggle should be elevated to economic emancipation. We're inspired.

@zulpha1988: Dali Mpofu believes EFF'S policies to nationalize the the mines and redistribute the land will fix the economic ills of this country

@Zuluking709: How do you leave the oldest liberation movement in the world to join forces with Malema n Sushi king?

@tim_meh87: Not shocked that Dali Mpofu joined #EFF, the #ANC needs to get with the times and start transforming with the times If they are to survive

@Nontly: this Dali Mpofu character is mighty fine

@TMaifo: Dali Mpofu will never be what George Bizos is to human rights and Julius Malema will never be what Nelson Mandela is to SA.

@TMaifo: Wouldn't be surprised that it was Dali Mpofu's idea to launch the #EFF at Marikana.

@MaxduPreez: Who needs the ANC? Dali Mpofu got a R13,4 million payout from SABC & is making millions representing Marikana miners

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