A team of paramedics rushed to the aid of a man in need. Picture: Supplied/Netcare 911

Cape Town - A team of female paramedics rushed into a burning building to rescue its occupants on Thursday morning. 

The Netcare 911 paramedics had come across a burning building, and when they found no emergency services on the scene, sprung into action. 

"At 10H50 Thursday morning a Netcare 911 crew came across a building on fire in Millvale Road in Milnerton Cape Town," Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst said. 

"The Paramedics stopped to assess the situation as no services were on scene.

"The crew: Kirsty Hochfelden, Alice Phunguphungu and Warren Camealio knowingly understood the danger they faced and risked thier own lives to run into the burning building.

Kirsty Hochfelden, Alice Phunguphungu and Warren Camealio rescued a man from his burning flat. Picture: Supplied

"A male patient that suffered from smoke inhalation as well as a number of pets were rescued.

"The Police, Fire and Rescue Services as well Life Response Unit were on scene. The area has been secured by the SAPS for investigations.

"Netcare 911 would like to commend our two brave female crew members and their colleague on Women's Day for their heroic actions in saving another human being," Herbst said.


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