A group of people identifying themselves as members of the Azanian People’s Liberation Army are occupying houses at the Highbury housing development in Kuils River. Photo: Ayanda Ndamane / African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town – A group referring to themselves as military veterans have occupied a new housing development in Kuils River, calling for the “fair” allocation of housing.

About 50 who said they were from the PAC’s military wing, Azanian People’s Liberation Army (Apla), have been occupying the Highbury housing development since Wednesday. 

They were joined by another group who said they were members of the SA Coloured Corps (SACC) Military veterans yesterday.

The association’s secretary, Billiard Zwelizolile Seth, said they would stay in the houses until they were prioritised.

“These houses are for freedom fighters and we must be recognised in the allocation as well.

“The members are here occupying the houses on behalf of their families. We will be here until we are satisfied with the answers we get.”

The group met with an official from the Department of Human Settlements yesterday, but they were not satisfied.

“We have given this government and our sister organisation in the liberation Struggle more than enough time to resolve the land question in this country, and they are failing dismally,” he said.

SACC spokesperson Ronald Plaatjies said: “We are ready to fight with Apla and make sure our veterans get housing. If they want to give housing, they must make sure its a fair process.

‘‘We will stay here until the government can come and tell us who will get housing and explain why it is not distributed evenly and in a fair manner.”

Provincial Human Settlements spokesperson Muneera Allie said: “At present, settlement control from the department, external security services, law enforcement and SAPS have been monitoring the situation and preventing illegal occupation of houses.

‘‘The site is currently a construction site, and the department has legislative responsibilities in terms of health and safety to secure it.

“Any unauthorised presence on site or in housing units is deemed illegal and persons will be removed if they decline to leave on their own accord.”

She said the housing was earmarked for military veterans, including Apla members.

Cape Times