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Sunday, June 26, 2022

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No case opened yet over Sea Point ’hit list’ say provincial police

The ANC will follow up with Sea Point SAPS reports at the weekend of alleged racism, sexism, violence, and anti-poor attitudes, by a cabal in Sea Point. Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency (ANA)

The ANC will follow up with Sea Point SAPS reports at the weekend of alleged racism, sexism, violence, and anti-poor attitudes, by a cabal in Sea Point. Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency (ANA)

Published Aug 4, 2021


Police have confirmed that they’ve been made aware of an alleged “hit list” containing derogatory terms against residents in Sea Point, but said no case has been opened yet.

The alleged list forms part of concerns raised by the ANC at Sea Point SAPS this week, as allegations of intimidation by a few wealthy people in the area surfaced at the weekend.

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ANC party members visited the police station on Monday and also sought answers on the progress into the investigation of the torching of Peter Wagenaar’s Mini Cooper vehicle.

Wagenaar received backlash from some residents in the area last year as he ran a feeding scheme for the homeless from the boot of his car. His vehicle was torched in the early hours of May 6.

Police spokesperson Novela Potelwa said Sea Point SAPS were still investigating the circumstances leading to Wagenaar’s car.

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“In as far as the alleged ‘hit list’ you make reference to, no case has, of now, been opened with Sea Point police.

“The station commander of Sea Point, Colonel Mouton and the individual/s cited (ANC MPL Cameron Dugmore along with party comrades Thandi Tyalana and Mesuli Kama) had a meeting on Monday,” said Potelwa.

The concerns by Dugmore, Tyalana and Kama come as a “group of powerful and wealthy men” have been alleged to be promoting anti-homeless, anti-poor and sexist attitudes”, while resorting to intimidating residents and sowing division in the community.

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The group is said to include businessmen Rob Hersov and Paul Jacobson.

Speaking after a meeting with the station commander at Sea Point SAPS, Dugmore said they urged people who were being subjected to intimidation and discriminatiion in Sea Point to come forward.

“We have in our possession an email that has been sent which talks about a list of residents who are described by these individuals as everything from radical feminists and socialists and saying to the councillor that these are undesirable people in Sea Point and that they are creating tensions and that they must be dealt with.

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“We think that is a very serious issue and those people have approached the ANC and other political parties but they are scared to come forward,” said Dugmore.

An excerpt from the emailed list, alleged to have been sent by Hersov, read: “And please would you ditch any more kowtowing to the nasty leftists, especially the following ratbags…”.

The list then details a number of people who are described as “undeniably nasty”, “low grade leftist punk”, and “weasel”.

By deadline, Hersov’s attorney would not confirm whether the email was indeed penned by his client.

Ward councillor Nicola Jowell remained mum on the alleged list.

“I cannot comment on the alleged list or e-mail that you are referring to circulating in the area but am significantly worried about the rhetoric around this issue and the continued labelling of people in and outside of the community.

“It is quite clear that there is a drive to silence both the media and the community who speak out against comments in the community.

“The incidents and bullying referred to in recent communications and media articles all involve individuals who have taken up legal representation to tackle the issue,” said Jowell.

Jacobson said a report at the weekend was an “completely perverse, obscured and unprofessional account” of the reported issues.

“If you can find any evidence whatsoever of any remark made by myself that is misogynist and shows criminality, arson, hateful or racist then you can hold me to that.

“We are on the brink of an election and councillor Jowell has done an incredibly pathetic job in the area. We embarked on a massive boycott to hold the City accountable to look after our vulnerable...We do not have hatred, we care, we spend our birthdays at the Haven night shelters and give generously to uplift fellow humans.

“But what we can’t tolerate is a political undertone where people are taking advantage of the destitute to advance their political agendas.

“With regard to the hit list, this is all inflammatory stuff and Jowell has to watch what they are trying because what this creates is unnecessary tension where it does not exist,” said Jacobson.

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