PATRICIA de Lille lodged a complaint with the Public Protector over alleged looting, in which a George municipality councillor made a questionable investment.
Good party leader Patricia de Lille has again taken aim at the DA, accusing her former party’s leaders of intervening in a corruption probe against a DA councillor allegedly involved in a R350million investment and kickback scheme.

Last week, she lodged a complaint with the public protector’s office over what she alleged was a VBS-style looting, in which a George municipality councillor made a questionable investment.

In documents and a forensic investigative report compiled by a law firm, De Lille alleged the DA councillor’s son was paid “handling fees” which amounted to R400000 in the first six months of the project.

Yesterday, De Lille accused both the municipal manager Trevor Botha and the councillor of interfering with the probe.

She accused the DA of being aware of the interference and turning a blind eye.

“The implicated councillor wrote to the company conducting the investigation to complain of incompetence and bias.

“The company responded that it was inappropriate for the councillor to address it directly, as its point of contact was the municipal manager.

“After the attempted intervention did not succeed, the Speaker of George municipality instructed the municipal manager to write to the company to instruct it to stop investigating the councillor,” said De Lille.

She said the municipal manager told the investigating company the Speaker was not of the opinion the said councillor transgressed the code of conduct.

Botha has declined to comment on the allegations implicating his office.

“It is considered an internal matter and the municipality does not have any comment,” said Botha said.

De Lille said the municipality’s chief financial officer Keith Jordaan, who was suspended for 60 days for possible financial irregularities, was being made to take the fall while the party “protect their old-guard councillor”.

The DA has however dismissed De Lille’s allegations, and said there was no interference with the investigation, and accused her of using the matter to score “cheap political points”.

“If there is any interference I will do the investigation myself.

“The forensic investigations are very expensive exercises.

“We must try and trust the process and get the facts.

“If any of the councillors are found guilty of interference the party will deal with them,” Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning MEC Anton Bredell said.