THE Two Oceans Aquarium aims to spread awareness about the plight of penguins during Penguin Week.
Cape Town - The southern hemisphere is home to many types of penguin.

All these species are facing man-made threats - from melting sea ice and habitat loss to poaching and overfishing of their food - and need help to survive. Some penguin species are a hair’s breadth from extinction; others have a little more time.

But one thing is crystal-clear, according to the team at the Two Oceans Aquarium: it’s time for everyone to turn their love of penguins into action.

The South African coast is home to one of these endangered species: the African penguin.

Together with members of the equally endangered northern rockhopper penguin species, the Two Oceans Aquarium aims to spread awareness about the plight of the birds during Penguin Week, which runs until Sunday.

Guests get to visit the facility’s penguins and check out a special temporary Penguin Week exhibit.

The “I Live Smart” puppet show, featuring Peter the Penguin and other ocean animals, will teach audiences about protecting the environment, and will be hosted in the I&J Children’s Play Centre daily at 10.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. The I&J Children’s Play Centre will host penguin-themed arts and crafts events throughout the week.

Feeding times in the African penguin exhibit are at 11.30am and 2.30pm.

Rockhopper penguin feeding and Q&A sessions will be hosted in the penguin exhibit at 3pm. Each day, a penguin keeper will answer questions and teach audiences about these adorable birds - among these, the Beakham family and new adoptee Jasmin.

Roaming penguin mascot Samantha will also make her way around the centre in the week.