TO GIVE pupils access to a tutor at their fingertips, mathematics teacher Paul Maree

from the Centre of Science and Technology (Cosat) High School in

Khayelitsha, has developed an app which features

interactive teaching.

The app Paper Video incorporates embedded videos of experienced teachers who go through problems that Grade 10, 11 and 12 pupils have experienced in subjects such as maths, physics, life sciences and accounting.

Maree said these were the subjects pupils found most challenging. Pupils can either access the Paper Video app or go to

Maree and co-founder Chris Mills came up with the concept for pupils who could not afford private tutors.

Pupils get quality solutions when their teachers are not available. An

experienced teacher explains how to solve their specific problem areas step by step.

The program has over 6 000 exam questions and their video solutions.

Pupils who do not have access to smartphones or a computer with internet can

also access the Paper Video through DVD packs.

For each subject there are ten interactive question papers with solutions for each subject, but for schools and pupils who cannot afford the full pack, four interactive question papers and solutions are available for free.