To celebrate Women’s Month, a group of women from the Big Beautiful Women Project 100 initiative, took to the Sea Point Promenade to spread a message of body positivity. Picture: NICOLA DANIELS
“We are big, bold and beautiful.” This was the message from a group of women who marched down the Sea Point Promenade to show the world that they were proud of their curves and tired of body shaming.

They held up placards with words “All bodies are good bodies”, “Think like a queen, be a queen” and “My body, my shape, my rules” taking ownership of their curves and celebrating who they are. The march was organised by the BBWProject 100.

It is an initiative started by photographer Chezlyn Julius, who hosts a mass body positivity photo shoot annually which sees women of all shapes and sizes model in bikinis.

“Today was about us uniting against people’s view on plus-size women. As a plus-size person myself, people are always body shaming us and making us feel like we are not on the same level as they are,” said Julius.

“Today we're making a difference in many people’s lives, changing their ways of thinking. The women are flaunting themselves because they are beautiful and they really want to show the world how beautiful they are.”

Shirnelle Power, 32, from Bellville, said she took part in the march because she felt representation of all sizes was important.

“We mainly see thinner bodies in mainstream media and social media and I think it’s time for the bigger curvier figure also to be represented.”

Being plus-size, Power said, there were still challenges of shopping for fashionable clothes and discrimination.

“We don’t have the same options as thinner women and some people assume just because you're bigger you are unhealthy. But I want people to stop judging a book by its cover, all bodies are beautiful and everyone deserves the same respect and to be treated equally.”