Winde seeks police report on SANDF's effectiveness after bloody weekend

Army trucks in Table View on an illegal abalone operation last week. Photo: African News Agency (ANA)

Army trucks in Table View on an illegal abalone operation last week. Photo: African News Agency (ANA)

Published Aug 12, 2019


Cape Town – A total of 47 people were murdered across the Cape Town metropolitan region over the weekend, which saw crime and deaths escalate compared to the previous weekend.

An eight months' pregnant mother, who was on her way to buy electricity, became the second pregnant Manenberg woman in less than a month to be mowed down in gang crossfire.

Among the dead were a mother from Kuils River who was stabbed by her teenage son and a 29-year-old taxi driver who was shot in the face multiple times.

On Monday, Western Cape Premier Alan Winde called on everyone to make the fight against crime their responsibility.

Among the 47 murders recorded by forensics services were 27 shootings, 13 stabbings and seven murders by other means.

“This weekend was another devastating weekend in the metro with 47 murders recorded. In addition to these weekend deaths, we also saw the tragic shooting of Sadiqah Newman, who was eight months' pregnant, in Manenberg and the discovery of Meghan Cremer’s body on Thursday. 

"Both of these young women had their lives cut short by senseless violence. We need to put a stop to this,” Winde said.

“We welcome the fact that police made swift arrests in both of these cases and hope that the criminal justice system will do its work to ensure that those responsible for these deaths are removed from society and unable to hurt more people.

"We will be writing to police management to request a full report back on the role and effectiveness of the SANDF since their deployment, as well as SAPS' plans to fight crime in the province going forward.

“Violence like we’ve seen over the past weekend impacts the whole province and all areas of government. We have seen the strain that violence is placing on our health system, with massive increases in gunshot injuries resulting in other surgeries which are not life-threatening, being pushed back. 

"We see the impact of violence on children and teachers in schools and it impacts our ability as a province to attract the investment we need in order to grow the economy and create jobs which assist in solving the crime crisis in this province.

“I call on everyone to play their part in making this province safer. I encourage everyone to do whatever they can – whether it be joining a neighbourhood watch, or volunteering with or supporting organisations like the Pink Ladies or Rape Crisis.

“We have to make fighting crime a priority for everyone. Where people witness crimes, or have information that could result in an arrest, we urge them to please come forward. This could help to save a life or lives in the future and prevent further criminal acts.

“The majority of our police officers in this province are good men and women who are committed to their work, but we call on the police management to provide them with the tools and resources they need to effectively do their work, and to provide the province with adequate police numbers to ensure the effective management of crime. 

"We call on all of those working in law enforcement and the criminal justice system to do everything in their powers to ensure that the very important work they have been tasked with is properly and effectively executed.”

“As the provincial leadership, we will continue to fight for more police resources through our Intergovernmental Dispute, while providing additional support where possible. 

"The Department of Community Safety’s document certification service frees up police officers to fight crime rather than performing administrative tasks like document certification. 

"Since the launch of this project earlier this year, over 10 000 people have been assisted and more than 17 000 documents certified. We have also offered to make R5 million in funds available to SAPS to help improve crime-fighting in this province."

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