File photo: INLSA
Disgraced Windsor High School principal Phaldie Tregonning has been fired for misconduct following allegations that he stole money from the school.

Additionally, the school has reported him to the police for missing items, including a pupil’s property and a missing laptop.

Tregonning was suspended in February after accusations that he had pocketed money raised from a raffle, as well as being responsible for the school owing the SA Revenue Service R246 000.

Yesterday, another parent who wanted to stay anonymous said his son’s R500 soccer ball was confiscated during the first term, and when he went to collect it at the start of the second term, he was told the ball was missing.

The Cape Times has seen email correspondence from the school in which a teacher tells the parent that they have reported the matter to the police.

“I have presented the matter to the school governing body. They will be adding the ball item to the list of things (laptop, etc) Mr Tregonning has in his possession. 

"The case is with SAPS Lansdowne at the moment. These items must be returned as it has been reported principal appeals school dismissal as a theft case. 

"The SGB, unfortunately, cannot replace any item as Mr Tregonning is still responsible for the goods,” the email to the parent read.

It is the school’s policy that confiscated goods should be returned to pupils at the end of a term.

Western Cape Education Department spokesperson Bronagh Hammond said: “Mr Tregonning was found guilty at a disciplinary hearing and a sanction of dismissal was subsequently imposed.

"He has subsequently appealed this decision.”

Last year parents alleged that Tregonning had circulated a raffle among the pupils that gave participants a chance to win a cellphone.

The raffle was neither discussed nor approved by the SGB, and although the raffle had raised about R37 000, not a single cent was put into the school’s kitty, the parents said.

Tregonning could not be reached for comment yesterday.