Michelle Jones

Education Writer

A GRADE 10 York High School pupil has been found guilty at a school disciplinary hearing following an initiation raid which put a schoolboy in intensive care.

The George school held a disciplinary hearing yesterday and meted out a number of sanctions, including a seven-day suspension.

A Grade 8 pupil of 14 was hospitalised after the Grade 10 pupil hit him on the head with a shoe inside a pillowcase while he was sleeping in a dormitory on January 29.

Bronagh Casey, spokeswoman for Education MEC Donald Grant, said: “In determining the sanction the (school governing body) took into account that the Grade 10 learner is remorseful about his actions.

“The learner indicated that it was not his intention to inflict such harm and has apologised to both the family and the victim.”

She said the sanctions decided on were:

l A seven-day suspension from school.

l Completion of a first aid course.

l The pupil must assist as a member of the first aid panel of the school until he has completed Grade 12.

l He must complete community service at the hostel.

l He must attend counselling.

Casey said another disciplinary hearing would be held today for the six other pupils who were involved in the incident.

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