File photo: African News Agency (ANA)
In February 2016, I was diagnosed as suffering from motor neuron disease. I am unable to walk without a walking ring/aid - experiencing a lack of proper balance.

Swallowing is very slow and I have to eat food that is full of moisture. Muscles are collapsing.

What keeps me going is the tremendous support I receive from my immediate and extended family. I become thin every now and then. 

Energy is fast disappearing from me. Many thanks for much support I also get from Groote Schuur Hospital, from E7 and E8 ward, where I was admitted in 2016.

Thanks to my colleagues in the ministry. A week ago, my eldest daughter and son booked me in for an appointment at the Medicross Clinic in Parow.

We visited and my daughter was asked to fill in a form, in preparation for opening a new folder.

Because of motor neuron disease I am prone to fall, and this actually happened on February 14 this year.

After continuously feeling dizzy, my children thought it was wise to go and get a second opinion.

Having filled in the forms, after 20 minutes we were told by one of the receptionists: “Your option of this medical aid does not allow your daddy to be treated here.”

What do you think? I felt a desperate need to transform our healthcare system.

The idea of National Health Insurance appears to hold substance and reality.

Feel free to add your own reflections.

Rev Canon Zolile Sogiba