A Palestinian protester hurls stones at Israeli soldiers during clashes after a protest against the expanding of Jewish settlements in Kufr Qadoom village near the West Bank city of Nablus last week. Photo: Xinhua/Nidal Eshtayeh

Will the world ever acknowledge the truth about the so-called “occupied West Bank”?

Without going, at this stage, into the deeper issues relating to Israel, Zionism and the incessant spate of toxic letters and articles spewed out by the anti-Israel propaganda media machines like Ma’an and the Media Review Network, and gobbled up and rapidly digested by the gullible public, including several in our Jewish community, who all fall prey to the deceit, the deliberate misinformation and the lies – repeated often enough to convert facts into fiction and vice versa, let me present a FACT about the so-called “occupied West Bank”.

In 1948, when Israel was attacked by its Arab neighbours despite acceptance by the UN as an independent state, one of the attacking countries was Jordan (then known as Trans-Jordan – as in “across the Jordan River”). 

At the time the so-called “West Bank” comprised the province of Shomron or Samaria within the fledgling country of Israel. The British-trained Jordanian army crossed the Jordan River, occupied and then annexed the West Bank”.

In 1967, 19 years later, during the iconic “Six-Day War”, Israel simply recovered what had been forcefully taken from it by Jordan. 

No “occupation”, merely recovery. In doing so it also reunited Jerusalem, its ancient capital, which had been split in half by the Jordanian occupation and subsequent annexation. 

Sadly, Israel itself doesn’t do enough to spell out the facts.

I invite all those who will jump to deny the above to academically, impartially and open-mindedly research the history of the time.

There are many more facts that the Israel-haters prefer to ignore. To the countries of the world, this particular one is another blot on their conscience for refusing to acknowledge the truth.

David/Hazel Lazarus

Sea Point