Cyril Karabus

Caryn Dolley

INTERNATIONAL Relations and Co-operation Deputy Minister Marius Fransman says processes are in place to try to allow city doctor Cyril Karabus to leave Abu Dhabi.

Nearly two weeks ago, South Africa sent a démarche – a strong protest – to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government calling for the case against Karabus to be expedited.

Yesterday, Fransman said he was following up on this.

He said a process was under way by people in civil society and in diplomatic society to reach an objective, which was to have Karabus released.

“The important thing is to reach the objective,” Fransman said. He did not want to divulge further information.

Yesterday, Karabus’s Cape Town lawyer, Michael Bagraim, who met Fransman about a week ago to discuss the matter, said the deputy minister had met the Abu Dhabi ambassador to South Africa a few days ago.

Bagraim said he was awaiting feedback on this meeting. He said he had asked that if, by Wednesday, Karabus were not allowed to leave the UAE, Fransman himself travel there.

Bagraim said Karabus would probably wait outside a courtroom in the UAE today, hoping his case would proceed – as he had done for about the past two weeks.

Karabus, 77, a retired paediatric oncologist, has been in the UAE since August.

He was arrested while in transit through Dubai. He had been tried in absentia and convicted of manslaughter and falsifying documents after the death of a three-year-old in 2002 at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Centre, Abu Dhabi, where he had been a locum. He was sentenced to four years in jail.

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