COMA: J�an Lambrechts

Caryn Dolley

A TEENAGER from Bellville is in a coma after he and his friends were apparently attacked by a group of men as they were heading to a club in the area.

Jéan Lambrechts, 19, sustained serious head injuries during the brawl early on Saturday, which happened near the club Stones along the popular Bellville entertainment strip Edward Street.

A group of about 10 men targeted Lambrechts and his friends in what they claim was an unprovoked incident.

Yesterday, Lambrechts’ friend Juan Strydom, 20, of Parow, who was with him at the time, described what had happened.

“We were on our way to Stones to play pool… As we got out our car these guys wanted to look for trouble,” he said.

Strydom said a group of about eight men, whom he did not know, started hitting him and about four of his friends as security guards at the nearby club looked on.

While Lambrechts sustained the worst injuries, Strydom’s face and ribs were cut.

Nothing was stolen.

Police spokesman Andre Traut confirmed that an assault with the intent to commit grievous bodily harm case was being investigated.

“No one has been arrested as yet. The circumstances are being investigated and the motive for the altercation is unknown,” he said.

Yesterday, Lambrechts’ mother, Henrieta Sauer, said he had bleeding on his brain.

“He’s still in a coma. I’m phoning (Tygerberg) hospital every two hours to see how he is… He had a huge operation. Holes had to be drilled into his skull to drain the blood,” she said, weeping.

Lambrechts had made a minor breakthrough yesterday when he had made a thumbs-up sign to the nurses.

When his mother had first heard about the attack, she had rushed to Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt, where Lambrechts was first treated.

“When I got to the hospital I gave him a hug. I said: ‘Mommy loves you.’

“He said: ‘I love you.’ Then he went into the coma,” Sauer said.

She had been told her son was hit in the jaw, which caused him to fall on to the pavement.

He had then been kicked in the head.

Sauer said he was meant to have started an IT course at the Prestige Academy today.

In November 2011, matric pupil Corné Hale, 19, died after he was also involved in a fight in Edward Street, outside Stones.

A 24-year-old was arrested after that incident.

At the time, Corné’s father, Craig Hale, said he hoped what had happened to his son would serve as a warning to other youngsters.

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