ZINGING: Taking a fast trip down with the zip slide near Ceres.


YOU take a tight grip, lift your feet off the ground off the ground and whooosh- you’re zipping metres above a blur of jagged rocks, serene rivers and gushing waterfalls.

Pull down on the handle and you slow down as you near your next stop - a rocky plateau.

Ceres Zip Slide Tours provides an invigorating dose of adrenaline. The zip slide tours, run by the Le Roux family, were opened in November and consist of eight jumps or rides ranging from 100m to 290m with a high point of 40m.

All in all, 1.4km or one hour of heart-racing fun. The office is located on the south side of Ceres and for R340 you are kitted out with a full body working harness with a patented braking system.

You’re then shuttled up into the breathtaking Schurweberg Mountains in a minibus.We were accompanied by two guides, Rachel, and Le- Marco.

Le-Marco has so much humour that he allays our terror on the drive to the top of the mountain, where we are going to undertake a series of “zips” to get to the bottom. We arrive at the first jump. A 100m, 16mm cable capable of taking 16 tons spreads over a valley

with a river down below.

We tighten our helmets as we are briefed how to brake. Ready. Steady. Go.

“My ma se grandma,” I mutter, speeding down the cable towards the approaching rock. I arrive safely at the other side.

On the third jump, a 112m crossing over a waterfall, the view is so spectacular that I slow down to enjoy it, forgetting about the momentum needed to reach the end.

Fifteen metres from the end I stop, dangling 30m above rocks.

Le- Marco pulls himself along the cable towards me, his legs wrap around my waist and within seconds I’m pulled to safety.

It’s beautiful, it’s terrifying, it’s unbelievably fun, and it’s worth every penny.

Ceres Zipslide Tour, e-mail: [email protected]