This poster received positive reaction on the ZANEWS Facebook page.
This poster received positive reaction on the ZANEWS Facebook page.

Zuma, Zille get cosy on poster

Time of article published Feb 2, 2012

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Michelle Jones

THE latest spoof poster showing a couple in an intimate embrace is one never thought possible – Jacob Zuma and Helen Zille.

It featured on comedy show ZANEWSs Facebook page yesterday, and attracted scores of comments and “likes”.

Puppets of the president and Western Cape premier are shown staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, with Zille’s hand stroking Zuma’s neck.

The poster’s slogan reads: “In OUR future, you wouldn’t give a s***”.

This follows the release last week of the DA youth ad campaign that showed a black woman and a white man in an intimate embrace.

That poster’s slogan said “In our future you wouldn’t look twice”.

The ZANEWS poster is the latest in a slew of others.

These have included illustrations depicting white domestic workers, dogs hugging cats and black horses mounting white horses.

The images have dominated social media sites for the past week.

ZANEWS released the poster on their Facebook page with the message: “So the DA cubs are enjoying our take on their lousy poster? Wait till we take these to the next level.”

They later said: “So it seems our rip-off of the lDASO poster has gone viral today!

“Here’s the large and full version of the file so you can share and keep on spreading the luv.”

Zille took to Twitter to comment on her appreciation of the poster.

“Had a good laugh. Twitter often makes my day,” she said and later added: “It gave me a good laugh to start the day.”

Zille even replied to at least two tweets with “lmao” – laugh my a** off – and another with a winking emoticon and “great giggle!”.

The poster received largely positive reaction on the ZANEWS Facebook page.

One user wrote: “My greatness, still it is often said that love is blind!

“Well done ZANews, 10 out of 10, although I must say the original poster got my vote!”

Another wrote: “You gonna get sued wena hahahaha lol. Keep them coming.”

One Facebook user felt that the poster was “not funny at all”.

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