Emtee speaks on quitting alcohol ten years ago: ‘Alcohol is the devil himself, I don’t wanna be a statistic’

Emtee and L-Tido sit down together on the L-Tido podcast. Picture: YouTube

Emtee and L-Tido sit down together on the L-Tido podcast. Picture: YouTube

Published Sep 8, 2023


Emtee recently sat down with rapper L-Tido for a rare media interview on the L-Tido Podcast.

During the interview he spoke on a host of topics including fatherhood, working with Trey Songz and working with the late rapper AKA on his recent album, ‘Mass Country’.

Speaking on his career journey, Emtee shared how when his breakthrough hit single ‘Roll Up’ came out back in 2015 he was still living in the Joburg CBD with some friends.

“Eight n****s, two bedroom apartment,” he said. “And nobody walks alone, we move as a pack cause the city can get wicked.”

He also shared that he was still interested in a romantic relationship with Pearl Thusi, whom he famously named his ‘Roll Up’ follow up single after.

“I still respect her as my big sister and everything. But don’t get it f****d up though, I might hit that. But I respect her though, like my big sister. I’d risk it all for her.”

During the episode, Emtee revealed how he isn’t into alcohol and instead drank tea during the podcast.

“One of the reasons I stopped drinking alcohol is because I came to the realisation that alcohol is the devil himself inside the bottle,” he said.

“I see how people behave when they’re drunk. I see what it does to people. The nicest n***** might turn into the toughest n***** because he’s drunk. My daddy, I still love my daddy though, he used to be heavy on it and I used to see what it does to him.”

He also said that he doesn’t want to be a statistic, before adding, “Please give me the ganja only, alcohol ain’t s**t.”

He also shared some insight into a viral video of him falling off stage and shared that it was not because he was drunk but because he had just woken up from a nap and someone had handed him a microphone.

“Immediately as I opened my eyes I’m supposed to perform. I ain’t no superman, I ain’t no superhuman… If you check the video, I stood in one position, I didn’t move because the crowd be doing a whole lot of sh** while I’m performing. While I was performing b*****s were pulling me, so I fell.”