Lady Zamar ready to usher in a new era with first album release in five years

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 1, 2024


Lady Zamar’s fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of her next body of work and the award-winning singer from Tembisa is finally giving the people what they want.

After nearly five years after the release of ‘Monarch’, Lady Zamar is ready to usher in a new era with the release of her 2024 album, ‘Rainbow’.

From multiple vocal surgeries to starting again from scratch midway through the process – the creative journey saw Lady Zamar tackling a number of stormy challenges.

“The journey to ‘Rainbow’ started around 2020. It was Covid, I had just released my previous full-length album, ‘Monarch’ and it had performed extremely well. I got back to the drawing board, and I started with a lot of tracking,” shared the singer.

In 2021 after going through vocal training she created an entire album but it wasn’t what Lady Zamar and her team wanted it to be and started afresh.

“We worked and worked, tried more things that didn’t work until eventually we created the song that would become ‘Castles’. It then became the cornerstone of the album and now we had a clearer direction of where we were going.”

Creating the album, was a cleansing process for the singer, making sure she had the right energy around her in order to create. “I think it’s been an empowering process because I feel like I’ve reclaimed my identity in this process.”

On this album fans can expect to hear how Lady Zamar’s voice has grown. “I’ve tried to create a really great balance with my voice.

“I’ve played around with some lush and beautiful tones, it goes from husky to angelic, I really feel proud of the versatility I showed with my vocals.”

Describing the album, Lady Zamar explains that it’s a very fun one and the lyrics tell a story. “There’ll be great stories, sensational vocals and some memorable tracks for everyone.

“You’ll also hear some Lady Zamar on amapiano beats on this album and if you know my roots, you’ll know it’s a sound I’ve always been close too!”

‘Rainbow’ will be available on all streaming platforms on February 2 and the album is available for pre-order.