Nadia Nakai set to drop AKA tribute single ahead of his birthday

Nadia Nakai and AKA. Picture: Instagram

Nadia Nakai and AKA. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 23, 2024


Rapper Nadia Nakai has announced the first single from her highly anticipated album, which is a tribute to her late boyfriend rapper AKA.

The acclaimed rapper Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes was gunned down in a suspected hit outside Wish restaurant on Durban’s popular Florida Road in February.

His friend, chef and entrepreneur Tebello 'Tibz' Motsoane, who was his former manager, was also gunned down as the two hugged and embraced on that fateful evening.

Till today, their killers have not been brought to justice.

As AKA’s 36th birthday approaches, emotions are especially high among his family and friends who continue to remember him.

Nakai has been teasing her tribute project since late last year and recently teased fans with a preview during one of her Instagram Lives while on holiday in Mauritius.

— BRAGGA (@Nadia_nakai) January 22, 2024

Titled ‘Never Leave’, featuring KashCPT, the song pays tribute to AKA.

Their relationship was blossoming when he was killed with them both looking deeply in-love, even when they tried to hide it.

“And the day I got that news, I wish you kept on this damn pendant,” she wrote.

On the single’s artwork the pendant in question could be seen in Nakai’s hands, where her matching tattoo with Mega is as well.

@ZazuB said: “Makes sense now when you once said ‘you always wore your necklace, but on the day you decided to take it off’… not sure we’re you said this but I remember. Love and light mama Bragga 💛“

Fans are very eager to hear Nakai’s newest work and all the emotions she has bottled inside.

@Bumblebee1901 tweeted: “May you heal(whatever that entails personally for u) whilst carry him with you forever.

“Thank you for bearing yourself out like this n also for us to relate somehow n connect to your pain. Long live SUPERMEGA💔🐶”

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