Prince Kaybee's beliefs on owning your masters in the music industry have changed thanks to 'growing up'

Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa. Picture:Instagram

Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa. Picture:Instagram

Published Feb 1, 2024


If there is one topic that never dies out when it comes to the music industry, it’s the ownership of masters, locally and internationally.

This topic has once again resurfaced thanks to producer and artist DJ Maphorisa’s recent Instagram Live, where he spoke about how he gets to be the owner of the original sound recordings of music done by other producers.

“When you record music on my computer, my studio, with my electricity. That sh*t is mine. It belongs to me. You guys don't know anything. I'm the one who buys food, I'm the one who buys water and all those things. So what do you own? Why must you own things you didn't come with?” he said.

“You must understand when you work in someone's studio, that sh*t is not yours. Go buy your own studio, buy plug-ins, FruityLoops, a microphone and whatever, then make music and release it. Then those will be your masters.”

Maphorisa’s sentiments certainly sparked quite the debate on X with many upcoming and established artists weighing in, even Prince Kaybee shared his views.

The DJ and music producer has previously stated that he does not own his masters but in his recent views seems to have had a change of heart thanks to some growing up.

Kaybee explained that he now believes in everyone who contributed to a song, earning their fair share. “I now believe in working together on creative projects is about the IP sharing.

“So someone must write a song, produce a beat and craft it and you own everything cause you bought Nando’s and lights?”

DJ Maphorisa and Kaybee are no strangers to having different ideas, they have previously taken each other on and it seems history never fails to repeat itself, as DJ Maphorisa hit back at the ‘Gugulethu’ hitmaker throwing “porn star and sex man” words his way.

Kaybee wasn't moved by the porn star narrative being thrown his way and argued that he could use the allegations of Maphorisa hitting a woman but that's not the argument and was simply disagreeing with his view.

“There’s lack of Moral commitment to artists generally from a basic human principle to parallel their artistic capabilities and talent to a computer, lights and Nandos and its not building the economy of the artist. I disagree with what you stand for and thats that.”

Kaybee last year parted ways after eight years with record label Universal Music. He had previously openly talked about his label and having issues with them since 2021.

Social media users have wasted no time in weighing in the matter, with some arguing that Kaybee was once in the exact position with his previous label, hence his changed views.

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