Nigerian sensation Joeboy on the next steps of his career as a musician and record label boss

Musician Joseph Akinwale, better known as Joeboy. Picture: Supplied

Musician Joseph Akinwale, better known as Joeboy. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 3, 2024


Nigerian music sensation Joeboy, is celebrated for his chart-topping hits and distinctive sound, across Africa and the world and show’s no signs of slowing down

Joeboy’s illustrious career, has seen him be the flagship artist for artist and record executive Mr Eazi (Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade) emPawa Africa for the past five years.

He released two albums, two EPs and tracks that made him a household name but now Joeboy has spread his wings with the launch of his own record label, Young Legend.

Announcing the next phase of his career, Joeboy has released a new single, ‘Osadebe’ which marks his first release since joining forces with Warner Music Africa.

“It’s been a beautiful journey, five years, two albums two EPs and I just felt ready,” Joeboy tells IOL Entertainment.

“The label idea is something I’ve had since 2020, so I just went ahead and registered the company. I’ve been looking for the right time, gaining knowledge, reading a lot of music business books just to have an idea of how everything works.

After getting the right time, the 26 year-old finally felt that the time was right and took the plunge. “It’s very important to move beyond your comfort zone,” he explains.

For his first release on his new chapter, Joeboy opted to go with something more personal as opposed to a love song, signifying the head space he is in. ‘Osadebe’ delves into themes of self- reflection and positive affirmations.

Nigerian music sensation Joeboy has released a new single, ‘Osadebe’ which marks his first release since joining forces with Warner Music Africa. Picture: Supplied

The song pays homage to the late Chief Osita Osadebe’s iconic hit ‘Osondi Owendi’ which dominated the music scene in the southeast and south-south regions of Nigeria in the early 2000s.

“One thing I like to do with my music is that there is a story that adds up over time and when you look back it adds up.

“The idea behind the storyline is the fact that everybody has different paths in life and it’s very important for each one of us to choose our destiny and go for it and not compare our journeys and not everyone has the same factors involved.

“On the song, I gist ‘one man’s food might be another man’’s poison’ meaning what works for me might not work for the next person and that’s why it’s important that everyone focuses on their own journey.”

Joeboy has released a visualizer for ‘Osabede’ and is working towards the release of a video, which he assures will be a very beautiful watch and is one of his best videos yet.

The musician has also teased a Tik Tok dance challenge to this song, having recently posted a video of himself with fellow Nigerian singer and songwriter Oxlade, real name Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, dancing to ‘Osabede’.

Dance challenges on social media have proven to be fruitful, especially when it comes to making music trend online and generating interest.

“We do things step by step and at some point it will become a viral trend but we are making sure we don’t skip any of the processes. From organic to trending, making sure it comes naturally.”

African music is currently trending internationally with more relations forming with South African and Nigerian artists, blending both worlds. Joeboy has previously worked with Master KG and Major League DJz and also has aspirations to one day collaborate with Nasty C, DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Black Coffee.

Having started working on music since he was 18, Joeboy has come a long way since 2017, when he caught emPawa founder Mr Eazi’s attention. He has become a global export with songs such as ‘Don’t Call Me Back’ (feat. Mayorkun), ‘Baby’ earning him billions of streaming numbers.

“I don’t feel pressure, cause at the end of the day everything started off with my love for creating music, so as long as nothing is stopping me from creating music I don’t think I will feel pressure,” he says when it comes to the pressures of achieving more than he already has.

Joeboy believes that “consistency” is very important to achieving success in his career and putting in the needed work but he also ensures that he puts his mental and physical health first; prioritising exercise and taking breaks when he feels overwhelmed.

With a much-anticipated EP release expected towards the end of the year, fans certainly can expect more music from Joeboy in 2024.

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