More reasons to fire up air fryer

Published Nov 4, 2023


Food journalist, consultant and recipe developer Louisa Holst is back on the shelves. Hot on the heels of her award winning The South African Air Fryer Cookbook, is the second instalment of the series released last month.

The South African Air Fryer Cookbook 2 will delight friends and family with easy-to-prepare dishes that are fast, foolproof and perfect for South African families.

The first book published last year won the 2023 South African Book Awards prize for adult non-fiction.

Holst knows what air-fryer fans, as well as inexperienced newbies, want and pushes the must have kitchen device to its limits. The book will inspire you to fire up your air fryer everyday. She uses local flavours in fun in innovative ways with recipes for brandy and Coke chicken wings, snoek and apricot samoosas, and fish-finger Gatsbys. Whether it’s making snack foods to enjoy while watching sport, baking teatime treats or hosting dinners, the book will have something for you.

Holst is food editor for Ideas/Idees magazine and received the Galliova Award for food writers in 2016. She is passionate about food and loves to discover new flavours.

The Independent on Saturday