WATCH: Did Minnie Dlamini just subtly shade her ex on her ‘Awkward Date’ with Lasizwe?

Minnie Dlamini and Lasizwe on his YouTube show. Picture: Instagram/minniedlamini

Minnie Dlamini and Lasizwe on his YouTube show. Picture: Instagram/minniedlamini

Published Oct 11, 2023


Media personality Minnie Dlamini is living her best single life and is putting herself out there as she embraces the current chapter.

Dlamini is the latest guest on popular digital content creator Lasizwe Dambuza’s latest YouTube show, ‘Awkward Dates’.

“You get to see your favourite celebrities in a different light, I’m excited about that. They are going to see a different side of Lasizwe, you are going to see Lasizwe 2.0,” the creator previously told IOL Entertainment.

During the quirky and super cute date, Dambuza and Dlamini got to know each other on a romantic, personal level.

The two spoke about their preferences, money and their positions in relationships.

Dlamini mentioned being a single mom and also hinted at always holding her weight in relationships, financially.

When she asked Dambuza if he would like to be her Ben 10 ( a younger boyfriend), Dlamini remarked that she could totally do the “rich auntie vibe” as she’s like “been doing it for years”.

Dlamini’s comment has been interpreted by the public as shade towards her ex-husband Quinton Jones, especially amid their on-going divorce battle, in which Jones is reportedly requesting spousal support.

The former couple announced that they were headed their separate ways in February 2022 after four years of marriage.

When Dambuza mentioned that it’s essential for your partner to give you money, Dlamini responded and said she wouldn’t know about that and proceeded to share the kind of man she wants.

“I’d really like a guy who is ambitious, and fun, like let’s have a good time,” Dlamini told Dambuza.

“I feel like life happened quickly for me, and I misconstrued success early into thinking that I was mature enough to move into the next level in life,” she said.