Woman considers divorce after finding her hubby follows ‘hot’ school friend on TikTok

Published Dec 7, 2023


Couples get divorced for many reasons, but one of the most common is infidelity.

Whether it be physical or emotional, cheating is cheating and for most there’s just no way of coming back from being betrayed by the one they love.

But how far can one push the definition of cheating?

Some people feel like they are being betrayed even if their loved one as much as looks at another woman or man.

This Reddit user feels like her husband has betrayed her because he followed another woman on social media.

It’s not uncommon for social media to cause a bit of tension in some relationships when the next person isn’t open about their activities.

While it rarely leads to divorce, it seems in this case, it actually might.

Taking to the popular app, the 27-year-old woman shared that she recently discovered that her husband had a TikTok account even after he told her that he didn’t.

She discovered this because he accidentally added her from a burner account.

“He was only following four people and I asked for a screenshot of his friends list,” wrote the suspicious wife.

“I could see that he deleted one of the people before showing me, so I asked him who it was.

“He lied and said it was a singing account. That obviously didn't add up because that wouldn't be something to lie about,” she continued.

He eventually came out with it and admitted that he started following a woman he went to school with.

The wife considered this to be a red flag, saying: “Why was he randomly thinking about someone from so long ago?

“He then tells me that he saw her from a distance at a gas station a couple of weeks ago and thought she was hot, so he wanted to see if she had a TikTok.

“To me, this is extremely disrespectful and I don't think it's appropriate for a married man to be specifically seeking out another woman who he finds attractive on social media,” she continued.

“What's the point? Why would he follow her for any reason except to thirst over her?”

She added that her husband thinks that she’s overreacting but she is extremely hurt and feels like she isn’t enough for him.

“I hate feeling this way and I'm sick of being married to someone who behaves this way and rarely considers my feelings.”

She believed that this is grounds for divorce but wanted to know from Reddit users if she’s being an a**hole.

“I find issue with the lying. Is that something he does a lot of? Following a old school mate not so much grounds for divorce but it is the trust issue that would be,” responded one person.

Another Reddit user commented: “Young lady once trust is broken, the relationship is over. Lusting over a girl on TikTok and lying to your face, pretty clear what you need to do.”

“NTA. He is checked out at best and cheating at worst. I would never tolerate this. It seems like a small part of a larger issue,” said another person.

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