Best of 2022: Show me the money! Here’s SA’s Powerball and Lotto winners

Published Dec 29, 2022


Durban - Despite the challenges of 2022, the National Lottery Ithuba put a smile on certain people’s faces.

Many became instant millionaires with a life-changing jackpot.

Here are some of this year’s biggest Powerball and Lotto jackpots.

Powerball - R167 million

In February, a Ballito KZN businessman bagged the R167 million Powerball from the February 11 draw.

He spent R150 for his ticket and opted for a quick pick.

According to Ithuba, the latest winner is an avid golfer who also enjoys taking walks on the beach.

“As with most jackpot winners from the past, he also plans to settle debt and make several investments, as well as make a donation to charity with some of his winnings,” said Ithuba in a statement.

Powerball - R135m

In November, a Joburg pensioner bagged R135m from the November 25 draw.

According to Ithuba, the winner was the second-highest Powerball jackpot winner for 2022.

The player said: “I was so excited when I found that I won, I kept on screaming, ‘I got it! I got it!’”

In a voice clip, the winner said he was excited to win and described his win as a dream come true.

Powerball - R126 million

In May, a Florida, Johannesburg winner who bagged R126m in the Powerball jackpot said there would be no Ferraris.

On winning such a substantial amount, the winner said:

“I believe the spirit of gratitude and giving is what has landed me here at this point in my life.”

The winner said they had purchased four tickets, but only one had the winning numbers. They planned on buying a home.

Powerball - R99,9million

In July, a Pretoria man who won almost R100m in the Powerball jackpot from the July 19, said he would not be quitting working.

He spent R150 on a ticket via the FNB banking app and opted to select his numbers manually.

The winner told Ithuba he doesn’t plan on making any significant changes to his life except for a new car and home.

Powerball Plus - R74m

A Durban salesman won R74m in the Powerball Plus.

The man had spent R45 on his ticket and opted to select his numbers manually.

He told IOL that he didn’t plan on quitting work and would be investing in his kid’s future and buying himself a new home.

Lotto - R86m

A Cape Town man who makes a living as a street vendor won the R86 million Lotto jackpot in September.

The winner purchased his ticket at the Shoprite in Durbanville.

The winner said: “The first thing we did when I realised I had won was pray and thank the Lord.

He planned on building his family their home.

Lotto - R31m

A jobless Karoo woman won R31 473 151 in the Lotto Plus 1 draw after spending R40 on her ticket.

The unemployed Western Cape who woman lives in Oudtshoorn bought the winning ticket at Dahley & Khandaker.

She plans to carefully spend her winnings on her family, as well as investing a portion of it and giving back to those who are in need.