LOOK: Indulgence just got easier: innovative freezer-to-oven cookie sensation hits Joburg

Carrington Cookies founder Ayesha Essop. Picture: Supplied

Carrington Cookies founder Ayesha Essop. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 7, 2023


Johannesburg - Many of us have a sweet tooth, but just the thought of baking cookies from scratch is exhausting.

But in a South African first, a Joburg businesswoman has turned the notion of freezer-to-oven on its head with the creation of the baking innovation Carrington Cookies.

Its founder, Ayesha Essop, explained to the “Saturday Star” this week that after much trial and error, she has managed to create ready-shaped, perfectly portioned, frozen cookie dough that’s baked and ready to serve within 15 minutes.

“It promises to deliver both taste and convenience,” she insisted.

Carrington Cookies are the latest baking innovation. Picture: Supplied.

The Carrington Cookies concept is a hit and has been selling at a Sandton City kiosk since August.

Apart from the frozen cookies which just need to be popped into the oven, Essop said that they also sell freshly made ones as well as edible cookie dough bars with ice cream that can be enjoyed in a cone or a cup.

What also makes Carrington Cookies unique is that they are preservative free and made with fresh ingredients.

Carrington Cookies are the latest baking innovation. Picture: Supplied.

“Our products are made with butter and we don’t use margarine and oil,” she said.

“We also have a gluten-free range and we plan on having a vegan and sugar-free range in the near future too.”

Essop explained that she created Carrington Cookies as a way to simplify the baking process.

“The idea came from trying to make life easier and it is targeted to moms, students and all those who want to enjoy home-made cookies but don’t have the time to bake them from scratch.”

She added that the cookies are also perfect for unexpected guests and late-night cravings and that the sweet treats are packaged in resealable bags, allowing customers to bake as few or as many cookies as needed without any mess or fuss.

Carrington Cookies are the latest baking innovation. Picture: Supplied.

“There is not something like this on the South African retail market and we are excited about what we can achieve with our cookies and the ease it brings into people’s lives.

“It’s the ideal solution for those seeking the taste of freshly baked cookies without the hassle.”

Essop said the creation of Carrington Cookies also came from her father’s guidance and expertise in the industry. And at the tender age of 28, she has not only carried forward a legacy, but has also forged her own path as a forward-thinking entrepreneur.

For further information please visit www.carringtoncookies.co.za

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