From controversy to comeback: Lady Zamar announces release date for new song

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 30, 2024


Lady Zamar, the singer behind the hit “Collide”, once brightened our playlists until she found herself in the cross-hairs of the notorious “cancel culture”, ushering in an unexpected silence.

The spotlight dimmed as she publicly accused Sjava of sexual assault in 2017. Despite Sjava’s consistent denial and the National Prosecuting Authority’s decision not to pursue charges due to insufficient evidence, the online world remained unforgiving, leading to a mass “unfollow” movement.

Zamar said on the Showmax TV show “Unfollowed”: “It was shocking, really, how my narrative, and my story, and my reality became a focal point of entertainment.”

“It was horrific, to just be in a constant state of being reminded of this thing all the time. I struggled to walk away from it because I constantly blamed myself.”

But hold on to your dancing shoes because Zamar is about to hit us with a musical comeback!

In a colourful Instagram post, the award-winning artist teased her fans with the news of a song drop on February 2 and she looks absolutely ready to bring the heat.

Amid the controversies of the past, Zamar seems determined to rise above, focusing on what she does best – making music.

She captioned the video: “02/02/2024 🌈”

She also announced the release date on X platform, sparking excitement among fans who are eagerly speculating that it might just be an amapiano banger.

— Lady Zamar (@Lady_Zamar) January 27, 2024

@Simply_Thatto commented: “My fave is coming 🔥 amapiano banger.”

@z8la_beatz asked: “Is there amapiano inside?”

@T_Mogokonyane also commented: “I’m ready 🕺🏾.”