Emerging southern African musicians tipped for a successful 2024

Acclaimed South African singer and songwriter Ggoldie. Picture: Instagram

Acclaimed South African singer and songwriter Ggoldie. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 30, 2024


When it comes to music, the African continent is enjoying its moment in the sun.

From the exponential growth of amapiano to the rise of African musicians such as Tyla, Black Coffee and Wizkid, music from the continent is being blasted and enjoyed across the globe.

Spotify is thrilled by the rise of African music, which continues to accumulate millions of streams on the platform.

They explained that these unique sounds are continuously captivating listeners from all corners of the world and that these African musician’s status as global superstars are set to intensify in 2024.

“From soulful singers to trailblazing artists, these emerging talents are going to be the ones to watch this year as they put in work to captivate audiences and redefine the pulse of Africa’s music scene,” Spotify noted.

“Their fresh perspectives promise to rethink popular music, not just on the continent, but globally, and captivate listeners worldwide.”

And with the new year about to enter its second month, Spotify has revealed the list of rising southern African stars who they believe are poised to make their mark on the global music scene in 2024.

“They are woven from across the diverse threads of South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia, bringing a rich tapestry of styles, cultures, and perspectives to the forefront and promising to enthral listeners worldwide," the streaming platform explained.

Here is Spotify’s list of emerging musical artists from southern Africa to look out for in 2024:

South Africa

Durban-born musician Sykes. Picture: Instagram


The Durban-born instrumentalist and vocalist has made a name for himself in the music world with hits such as the amapiano banger, “iPlan”, which features Dlala Thukzin.

He also worked with the South African DJ and record producer for the hit song “Mina”.

The musician – whose real name is Ayabonga Zuma – is now set for even more international success this year.

“With 1.2 million monthly Spotify listeners, 2024 is going to be even bigger for the artist,” the streaming platform added.


The renowned singer and songwriter had somewhat of a breakthrough year in 2021, following the release of her hugely successful single, “Asambe.”

Since then, music critics have lauded the Thembisa-born musician for her intricate and well-thought-out sounds.

And during her Spotify “Greasy Tunes” pop-up performance in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, last year, Ggoldie is expected to have an even more successful 2024 as she carves her name for herself in the highly competitive music industry.

Thakzin is regarded as one of the pioneers of a new and developing variation of Afrohouse. Picture: Instagram


The South African musician, who was born Thabang Mathebula, is regarded as one of the pioneers of a new and developing variation of Afrohouse, and has been lauded for his specific and distinctive sounds.

He has also recently earned acclaim as an artist with a versatility that is as unique as his music, Spotify believes.

They added: “On the single, ‘The Magnificent Dance’, Thakzin managed to capture the 2022 summer period with the song achieving viral status.”

These include his hits such as “Don't Let Me See”, and “Please Don’t”, which have seen Thakzin cement his place in the rising African music industry.

Wordz is also getting the continent recognition for his hip hop sounds. Picture: Instagram


While the African music scene is being largely celebrated for its amapiano offerings, artist Wordz is also getting the continent recognition for his hip hop sounds.

Also known as “Wordz Tha' Prince”, the musician from Pretoria initially shot to fame through his feature on A-Reece’s single, “A Real N*gga Tale”.

Meanwhile, his projects, which showcase his songwriting and rapping skills, include EPs such as “Long Lost Letters” and “Death B4 Dishonor”.

Wordz’s “PEOPLE FORGET TO BE PEOPLE” album, and its 2023 deluxe version of the musical offerings, have also been well received by music fans.

Music duo Shakes & Les. Picture: Instagram

Shakes & Les

The duo have been adding their own sounds to the ever-evolving amapiano music scene.

Spotify added that Shakes & Les’s prominent singles with the likes of DBN Gogo, Zee Nxumalo, Ceeka RSA and Chley Funk 55, are all dominating the amapiano scene.

Capetonian artist Will Linley. Picture: Instagram

Will Linley

The Capetonian artist is yet another South African musician who is proving that Africa has more to offer than just amapiano.

The pop sensation cemented his status in the music world with the release of the single “miss me (when you’re gone)”, as well as the 2023 EP “Magic”.

This comes after social media also played a vital role in introducing Linley, musically, to the digital community.

“With a sound that extends beyond popular music, Will Linley’s delivery from writing to vocals is impeccable and arresting,” Spotify believes.


R&B artist Titose. Picture: Instagram.


Titose is an R&B artist whose music is inspired by personal experiences.

Spotify explained that the musician can be described as a contemporary blend with hip hop, combined with the smoother and warmer sounds of R&B.

“This was evidenced by her 2023 album release ‘All Things Considered' and on songs including ‘Borderline’ and ‘Star’.


Zambian artist Natasha Chansa. Picture: Instagram

Natasha Chansa

Also known as “Princess Natasha Chansa”, the award-winning singer, rapper, and producer is seeing her star continue to rise across the continent.

Renowned for her 2022 release “Sini Ziba”, featuring Yo Maps, Spotify believes that Chansa is yet another African music star who can go on to be a global superstar this year.