‘I loved the intimacy’- Thandiswa Mazwai on her Tiny Desk performance

Thandiswa Mazwai. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Thandiswa Mazwai. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jan 26, 2024


Fresh from her triumph at GlobalFEST in New York's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, where she left the audience spellbound, Mazwai has now recorded a performance on NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert series.

This exciting prospect emerged in December 2023, when Mazwai hinted at the possibility of gracing the Tiny Desk stage.

This series, hosted by the creator of NPR's "All Songs Considered" podcast, is celebrated for its intimate and unfiltered musical experiences. Past performers have included various artist from across the world.

In an interview with “The Sowetan” Mazwai discussed the challenges of preparing for the Tiny Desk performance.

She expressed gratitude for her team's efforts, emphasising the unique intimacy of the setting.

“It was actually very hard preparing for such a small crowd, but I’m glad my team and I managed to do it. I loved the lovely intimacy about it and how the team was incredibly welcoming,” she said.

Reflecting on the specifics of her performance, she mentioned the customary duration of 15-18 minutes for Tiny Desk concerts.

Additionally, Mazwai admitted to feeling nervous: “I was nervous. I’m actually very nervous about every gig. It’s a feeling of surrendering to the gift that allows you to transition. Nerves are a part of transitioning into the conduit/sonic healer, so that will always exist.”

This reflects a deep connection to her musical abilities. The act of surrendering suggests a humility and acknowledgement that her talent is something beyond her control — an innate gift she has been given.

Moreover, in a recent post on X, Mazwai posted a photo of herself at the NPR Studios, expressing, "What a great beginning to the year. We have been so excited since they told us🥳🤩." She further confirmed that the episode would be released on YouTube in March.