Joburg Ballet brings global talent to KKNK stage

Neo Moloi, Tammy Higgins and Thando Mgonhozi. Picture: SUPPLIED

Neo Moloi, Tammy Higgins and Thando Mgonhozi. Picture: SUPPLIED

Published Mar 15, 2024


The 28th KKNK will be held in Oudtshoorn from March 23 to March 31 and Joburg Ballet is bringing an exciting trio of dance performances to the KKNK festival, featuring talented choreographers from around the globe.

Leading the charge is Dada Masilo, making her debut with Joburg Ballet as she choreographs "Salomé", a piece inspired by Oscar Wilde's play, delving into themes of desire, power, and passion.

Multi-award-winning choreographer Hannah Ma presents "The Void", an introspective journey through the human soul, emphasising the significance of connection and forgiveness.

Jorge Pérez Martínez brings "Azul" to life, which is a dynamic performance filled with expressive movements and graceful pas de deux work, set to classical Spanish guitar compositions, transporting audiences to the essence of the Mediterranean.

In a recent development, the company welcomed Netherlands-based Spanish choreographer Jorge Pérez Martínez to coach the company in his ballet "Azul", one of four works featured in the season.

‘Scar/City’, which kicks off the 2024 ballet season, features one South African première and three world premières. The line-up includes Martínez, Masilo, Ma and Pedro.

Martínez's "Azul" is a stand-out, showcasing expressive movements and elegant pas de deux. Experience these diverse works from March 15 to 24.

Elroy Fillis-Bell, CEO of Joburg Ballet expresses his enthusiasm for launching the ballet year with such a dynamic showcase: “Joburg Ballet is proud to present the work of Dada Masilo, Hannah Ma and Jorge Pérez Martínez at KKNK 2024 and to share their work with a wider South African audience.

“As we begin our 30th year of democracy, Joburg Ballet’s work must engage with our current moment in society.”

“Both the concept and reality of scarcity is something many South Africans have become accustomed to, whether through a lack of service delivery within the urban context or a loss of dignity.

“These works interrogate the social context of our lives and explore the absence of natural and material resources and the loss of memory, identity and self.”

Monika Cristina, Marlon Sales and Gabriel Fernandes. Picture: SUPPLIED

∎“Scar/City” will be shown at the ABSA Civic Centre in Oudtshoorn on Wednesday, March 27, at 11am and Thursday, March 28 at 10am. Ticket prices are R250 for advance booking, R225 for Friends of the KKNK and R275 at the door.