Khosi Twala is ‘grabbing some tea’ during London getaway

Khosi Twala shared snaps of her London trip. Pictire: INSTAGRAM

Khosi Twala shared snaps of her London trip. Pictire: INSTAGRAM

Published Apr 26, 2024


Khosi Twala recently touched down in the United Kingdom and she made sure everyone knew about it with some snaps and this note: "I've arrived!"

This former “Big Brother” champ hasn't let the dust settle since taking home the crown. Oh no, she's been busy making waves and stacking up wins ever since.

Twala's been snagging influencer deals left and right, becoming the queen of popularity along the way.

She's not just sitting pretty either. The reality TV star launched her own clothing line and kicked off a YouTube channel called "Khofee with Khosi," with 41,000 subscribers.

The show features Twala having conversations with her fellow “Big Brother” contestants on YouTube, keeping the show’s flame alive.

After weeks of strutting her stuff and slaying fashion shows back in South Africa, the superstar decided it was time to hit pause and treat herself to a little UK getaway. And boy, did she make an entrance.

She took to her Insta, serving up pics of herself soaking in the vibes and sipping on some tea in London town, literally.

"Grabbing some tea ☕️ in London." Because why not, right? When you're Twala, even a tea break becomes an event worth sharing.

@leeyaskitchen commented: “My baby has Landed 😍😍😍 enjoy your trip my love.”

@teethrone_by_tumi also commented: “London sure looks good on you 😍🔥🔥.”

Multi-award winning transgender activist @yayarsa wrote: “She is that girl! 🔥🔥🔥💝.”

“Soft life only😍😍😍,” @lauraminaj__wrote.