Kwesta’s wife dragged for ‘inappropriate’ dance challenge

Rapper Kwesta with his wife Yolanda Vilakazi. Picture: Instagram

Rapper Kwesta with his wife Yolanda Vilakazi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 15, 2024


Social media trolls have already started to claim their 2024 victims and Yolanda Vilakazi is one of them.

Vilakazi, who is married to popular rapper, Kwesta, was a hot topic on social media after a TikTok dance challenge video of her, Nomuzi Mabena (Moozlie) and “African Queen” hitmaker, Thabsie, went viral.

The besties are currently in Mauritius, enjoying a couples retreat with their significant others.

Meanwhile, on social media, trolls are claiming that their recent dance challenge is “inappropriate”. Some users have body shamed the trio and criticised their dance moves.

One user went as far as to post a video saying that women should “stop embarrassing us (other women)”.

@KhumaloFk wrote: “Thabsi is married and imagine introducing her to your business partners through this video ‘My wife is the one showing off he small booty’.

@thembekanid commented: “Kwesta’s vrou is as stiff as reinforced concrete!”

@Tk00756094260 commented: “In my tribe a wife or an elder is not supposed to show the inner thigh to the public. Hence why there's no more respect for most women.

“WE can just see the whole image of Khwesta's kitchen here ... I like the 1 in front though I'd definitely tap her...”

On the flip side, other users commended the women for being daring and embracing their bodies.

@TumiNjomba wrote: “I love them.”

@curria_mm wrote: “Sexy natural bodies.”

@atlasRanger commented: “Danger with these posts is that the general public is going to start comparing and body shaming. Then someone's wife/girlfriend will be crying for the rest of the trip.”

Despite the chatter on social media, it seems like nothing is going to stop the couples from having a great time as they continue to post snippets of their vacation.