Lira celebrates mom’s resilient spirit after she beats cancer

Lira and her mom Buyi Radebe Lichaba. Picture: Instagram

Lira and her mom Buyi Radebe Lichaba. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 11, 2023


As the Woman’s Month celebration continues, Lira, real name Lerato Molapo, took a moment to honour her mother, Buyi Radebe Lichaba, for her resilience and strength.

Taking to her Instagram on Thursday, Lira shared her mother’s inspirational journey and triumph over cancer.

In her post, Lira, who suffered a stroke while in Germany in March 2022, said her family was dealt another low blow when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, just eight months after her own diagnosis.

She shared a picture of her and her mom with a caption: “We are strong 💪🏾 and powerful!!! It was a very special women’s day for me and my mom.

She continued: “8 months after I had a stroke my mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. She told her story for the first time yesterday (9 August 2023) at a women’s day event.

“This is a woman who is a health fanatic, spends hours at the gym, takes care of herself and eats well. The cancer was a shock to us.

“The cancer took away her livelihood. She spent 3 months in hospital, she was so sick.”

Lira went on to explain that she took a “break” from her own recovery and proceeded to look after her mom.

She expressed her fear of possibly losing her parent, also reminding her fans and followers never to take life for granted.

“I thought I would lose her 🥺. That’s why I took a break from speech therapy to be with her.”

“She’s now cancer free and my recovery is going so well,” revealed the star.

Lira added that she and her mom went through tough times, but they both emerged stronger and more determined to love and appreciate one another and enjoy life to the the fullest.

“We’ve been through a lot and came out shining brightly !!!!

“God is amazing! Life is a gift 🎁 🥰! We have been given this time to spend together with my Dad - we’ve spent the last few months celebrating each day with one another 🥰😍.

“We don’t need a reason to celebrate - LIFE is enough!”

During her recent interview with Relebogile Mabotja on 702, Lira shared for the first time the events leading up to the day she suffered a stroke.

The stroke impacted on the singer’s ability to speak, write and read.

“The sensation lasted about 15 minutes. It wasn’t painful. It was an uncomfortable feeling in my head,“ recounted Lira.

The singer explained that she was later taken to hospital where it was confirmed that she had suffered a stroke.

“I was shocked. I’m too young to have a stroke. Not me. Not me. Not me. I cried. I cried because how was I going to tell my parents? I was alone.”

The singer has since regained her speech and is in well on the road to recovery.