LOOK: Ayanda Ncwane unveils her late husband’s tombstone

Ayanda Ncwane with her sons. Picture: Instagram.

Ayanda Ncwane with her sons. Picture: Instagram.

Published Apr 24, 2024


This year marks eight years since South African gospel singer Sifiso Ncwane died. Ncwane died at the age of 37 due to kidney failure. In remembrance of his legacy, his wife, Ayanda Ncwane, has unveiled a tombstone for him.

The all-white ceremony was attended by Ayanda’s family and friends, with her two sons supporting her all the way.

Taking to Instagram, the former “Real Housewives of Durban” star gave her son Mak the mic to continue where his father left off and grow the Ncwane legacy.

She wrote: “@makncwane, as your mother and the prophet of your life, 7 years later, I am led to pass the baton down to you, to release the mantle from your dad that has been hanging.

“It’s not going to be easy, but I know in my spirit that you are ready for the world. Take your tool 🎤 and go serve!

“From today henceforth, you are no longer just Sfiso’s son, I release you from his shadow, but stand on his gigantic shoulders, take your position, your space and go make your mark and draw your own footprint! In Jesus' name, I decree!”

While others commended Ayanda for doing a great job keeping her husband’s legacy alive, some wondered why she didn’t include Nothile (Sfiso’s daughter with Nonku Williams) to the ceremony.

“As black parents, let’s normalise teaching our kids how to love each other( singafaki abantwana kuma-problems wabazali [let's not include children in their parents' problems]). I’m saying that cause I don’t see Ncwane’s daughter from another mother,” commented @s_d_u_m_z_i_i_n_n.

Ayanda’s followers defended her, saying she was not obligated to invite her late husband’s daughter.

“Very beautiful. And those who are looking for Nothile must go to Nonku's house. Ayanda doesn't owe anyone anything, this was a ceremony for her husband with her children,” commented @pamlakhulisiwe.

Ayanda doesn’t get along with Nothile’s mother and the two shared the screen, and clashed, in season one of the reality show.