Lorcia Cooper-Khumalo shares pearls of wisdom as Women’s Month ends

Published Sep 1, 2023


In a world where societal pressures and self-doubt can often cloud perceptions of ourselves, it’s important to remember that self-love and self-acceptance are key to leading a fulfilling and happy life.

As Women’s Month was ending, award-winning actress Lorcia Cooper-Khumalo reminded women across the globe to celebrate and treat themselves gracefully.

Taking to her Instagram on Thursday, the “Nikiwe” star shared a powerful and uplifting message to all women.

In her post, Cooper-Khumalo emphasised the importance of self-love, acceptance, and being content with oneself, while still allowing room for growth.

She encouraged women to let go of the constant pursuit of a “better version” and to stop paying attention to negative thoughts that hold them back.

“Let’s choose to love, accept and be content with Ourselves as we are while we grow and evolve. We’re always looking for this better version, the more … when is it enough?” asks Cooper-Khumalo.

“Enough with this programming!! Let them negative thoughts pass, they have no life without our attention. They’re just thoughts. Swipe left. Park that imposter.”

The star ended her message with: “Queens – We are Love in human forms.”

Cooper-Khumalo is among many celebrities who are using social media to encourage body positivity and good mental health.

Earlier in the month, she shared a series of videos addressing a common struggle that many people, particularly women, face regarding body image and self-esteem.

Instead of being overly critical of one’s current shape or appearance, she suggested finding a starting point and focusing on feeling good about oneself in the present moment.

“Fam – all I wanna say is stop feeling Sh#t. You feel out of shape, instead of using your energy to negative self-talk, redirect it and find your starting point and not based on what it ‘should’ be but simply just with where you’re at.

“Begin anywhere. And make the choice to feel good about Yourself. Your body is the home housing your Magnificent spirit… #SpiritHavingAHumanExperience.”

She reminded everyone that self-love and self-acceptance are ongoing journeys and they require practice, patience and self-awareness.